21 beige matt . beige matt
31 grau matt . grey matt
61 braun matt . brown matt
66 havanna matt tortoise matt



Fine lightweight frame

The middle section of model 45007 is made from high density acetate, only this high-quality and especially hard material admits the milling of the fine and thin frames.


The matt surface in elegant colors becomes possible by the application of the costly sandblasting process. An additional highlight of the frame is the nice stressed upper edge.


High density acetate . full rim . 53/17/140/40 . spring hinge . for Ladies


Zen Acetate... unfortgetable colors...

The synthetic/cellulose acetate material provides for optimal framework conditions. It is ideally suited for stronger glasses and in particular, allows us to experience everyday by a few diopters more beautiful. With frames in luminous-intensive or translucent light-color nuances, it is fun to use the glasses as a fashion accessory.