53 kraanbeere rot matt . cranberry red matt
62 havanna matt . tortoise matt
71 nachtblau matt . galaxy blue matt



Luc is a classic panto with a sandblasted, matt surface, the inner side of the frame has a fine shine, the temples are decorated with two round rivets.

The unisex model is available in three colours: From classic tortoise to radiant cranberry and deep night blue.

Acetate . full rim . 49/21/140/41.1 . Unisex


Etienne Navarre

The French-born New York designer Etienne Navarre creates real masterpieces. He creates an uncompromising style with his eyewear collection. He transfers old designs to the modern world in a radical way. The "standard-issue glasses" is a cult object; the nerd style has been a “must-have” fashion for a long time!