2/30 gold glänzend - lavendelgrau . shiny gold - lavender grey
2/47 gold glänzend - aqua . shiny gold - aqua
2/54 gold glänzend - rosa . shiny gold - pink
2/70 gold glänzend - indigo . shiny gold - indigo



Delicate Butterfly glasses in four exciting color combinations. The translucent acetate frame in fine pastel shades is completely embedded in a stainless steel frame. The feminine yet extravagant women's frame is a shiny golden designer model - Made in Italy.


stainless steel . full rim . 49/20/140/39 . Made in Italy . ladies


B&B Collection Cashmere

The collection impresses with its minimalist design. The clear puristic design language in symbiosis with the feel of brushed stainless steel surfaces focused on the essentials.