11 schwarz matt - gun glänzend . black matt - shiny gun
25 rosé gold glänzend . shiny rose gold
51 bordeaux matt - gold glänzend . bordo matt - shiny gold
71 blau matt - silber glänzend . blue matt - shiny silver



Eccentric statement piece for fashionistas. The Panto is available in four colours, two in retro style with accentuated upper edge, for the other two we have a spectacular effect through the combination of matt surfaces on the front and shiny gold or silver on the back.


For the technically sophisticated model, our newly developed integrated screwless hinge was used, extremely flexible and slightly springy. The frame can be classically glazed with a locking block. The adjustable nose pads ensure a perfect fit, the processed stainless steel is allergy-free.


stainless steel profile . full rim . with closing block . 49/19/145/40.7 . Made in Italy . ladies


B&B Collection Cashmere

The collection impresses with its minimalist design. The clear puristic design language in symbiosis with the feel of brushed stainless steel surfaces focused on the essentials.