00/41 palladio - Oberrand smaragd matt . palladio - front top smaragd matt
20/11 gold - Oberrand schwarz matt . gold - front top black matt
20/71 gold - Oberrand blau matt . gold - front top blue matt
25/21 rosé gold - Oberrand weiß . rose gold - front top white



Timeless Panto - with finely chiselled temples, as a special twist, the upper eye line is painted in elegant shades.

Like all CLASSICS models, this frame is made of pure stainless steel in Italy, so it is allergy-free and comfortable to wear through nose pads.

100 % stainless steel . full rim . 56/16/145/46.55 . Made in Italy . Ladies


CLASSICS · Collection


Good Design is timeless! It was a matter close to our hearts to reissue our design classics from 100 years of company history.


Of course, we did not simply copy them one to one from the past into the present. We have made them better! In fine detail work we perfected the fit, chose contemporary and above all allergy-free raw materials and varnishing.


Modern color and material combinations, e.g. rosé gold, have created irresistible CLASSICS with Windsorrings, double bridges, engravings and so much more.


The design language of our CLASSICS is diverse, you can find small rounds, newly defined pantos, pilots, squares, quadras, butterflies .